Summer school in higher education research and science studies


The interdisciplinary Summer School in Higher Education Research and Science Studies (HERSS) is jointly organised by a consortium of higher education research and science studies institutions in Germany and has been taking place since 2015. The focus topic of the Summer School changes annually since a different member of the consortium of organisers hosts the event each year and consequently, it takes place at different locations in Germany.

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Current Summer School


7th HERSS Summer School - apply now

The Summer School "Transformation of Higher Education" will take place from 26 to 30 September 2022 at zhb Center for Higher Education, TU Dortmund University, Germany.

Current Summer School

Apply now for the 6th HERSS summer school!

The Summer School 2020 "Making Theory Work" is postponed to 06.-10. September 2021 at the Leibnizhaus Hannover, Germany.

5th HERSS summer school

As part of the BMBF-funded network for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (HERSS), in 2019 the Munich Center for Technology in Society of the Technical University of Munich (MCTS / TUM) took over the organization and implementation of the 5th HERSS summer school. Under the headline "Responsible Innovation Cultures", this year's questions focused on the responsible design of innovation processes in the context of science and universities - especially technical universities. The summer school took place at the TUM research campus in Garching from October 14 through 18, 2019. An interactive program of lectures, workshops, discussion formats and trainings brought together numerous experts with around 30 international doctoral candidates and postdocs in the field of "responsibility in research, teaching and development".
Impressions from the "Responsible Innovation Cultures", October 2019, MCTS / TUM